In recent decades, the world has witnessed surprising and rapid changes in the market, and the legal field is no exception. In this sense, law firms need to think differently, especially focusing on the client. The market, companies, and people as a whole demand a new attitude. They increasingly demand a culture of values, principles, and practices that guarantee quality service and effective results for the client. Faced with the challenges of society, especially in the current time and space, there is one word that leads us to bolder challenges to highlight the client: TRUST.


Integrity Portal

Our Integrity Program consists of a set of rules, mechanisms, and internal integrity procedures aimed at preventing, detecting, and remedying any deviations, fraud, acts of corruption, and illicit acts in relation to public administration and in relation to private initiative. It reflects our values and outlines guidelines for the internal conduct of the office. The Code of Ethics and Conduct reaffirms our commitment to integrity, compliance, and an organizational culture focused on respecting legislation, clients, and society.

In the Integrity Portal, anyone can access:

• Governance Program
• Code of Ethics
• Privacy and Data Security
• Reporting Channel

The Management of the Integrity Program is carried out by the office's Integrity Committee, composed of three members from different areas of the office, including a Managing Partner, a Partner Lawyer, and a member of the office's administrative area.

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Environmental, Social, and Governance

Aligned with the principles and vision of Sustainable Law, which presents concepts and practices related to social responsibility for all types of organizations, Allemand seeks to promote, within its professional scope, the reflection and dissemination of best practices through the adoption of measures that can contribute to SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT in the ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL, and ECONOMIC dimensions.


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